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“Crossroads In The History Of Mathematics And Mathematics Education”

Sriraman, B. (Ed.) (2011). Crossroads in the history of mathematics and mathematics education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana

Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

The interaction of the history of mathematics and mathematics education has long been construed as an esoteric area of inquiry. Much of the research done in this realm has been under the auspices of the history and pedagogy of mathematics group. However there is little systematization or consolidation of the existing literature aimed at undergraduate mathematics education, particularly in the teaching and learning of the history of mathematics and other undergraduate topics. In this monograph, the chapters cover topics such as the development of Calculus through the actuarial sciences and map making, logarithms, the people and practices behind real world mathematics, and fruitful ways in which the history of mathematics informs mathematics education. The book is meant to serve as a source of enrichment for undergraduate mathematics majors and for mathematics education courses aimed at teachers.


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