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“Investigating Why Teachers Reported Continued Use And Sharing Of An Educational Innovation After The Research Has Ended.”

Hegedus, S. J., Dalton, S., Roschelle, J., Penuel, W., Dickey-Kurdziolek, M. & Tatar, D. (2014). Investigating why teachers reported continued use and sharing of an educational innovation after the research has ended. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 16(4), 312-333. doi: 10.1080/10986065.2014.953017

Stephen J. Hegedus, Southern Connecticut State University
Sara Dalton, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Jeremy Roschelle, SRI International
William Penuel, University of Colorado Boulder
Margaret Dickey-Kurdziolek, Virginia Tech
Deborah Tatar, Virginia Teach

Mathematical Thinking and Learning

We investigated prospects for reported sustainable adoption and sharing of an educational innovation through survey research including online questionnaires and telephone interviews. This investigation is part of the Scaling-Up SimCalc experimental program, which combines dynamic representational algebra software (SimCalc MathWorlds) with integrated curriculum and small professional development workshops focused on how to use the software and how to integrate this intervention into the larger year-long curriculum. Teachers who (1) perceived the usefulness of the SimCalc professional development as being consistent with personal aims and (2) perceived specific affordances of the software/curriculum to be valuable were more likely to report continued use of the innovation after the research had ended and that they had shared it with colleagues over time.


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