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“Leadership And Modeling Exemplary Practice: A Re-imagined Role For The Head Of Department”

Melville, W., Campbell, T., & Bartley, A. (2012). Leadership and modeling exemplary practice: A re-imagined role for the head of department. School Science Review, 94(347), 35-39.

Wayne Melville, Lakehead University, Canada
Todd Campbell, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Anthony Bartley, Lakehead University, Canada

School Science Review, Volume 94, Issue 347, 2012, pp. 35-39

Science departments are more than administrative units within a school; they are also communities that can exert a powerful influence on teaching and learning. This article reimagines the role of the head of department in a way that reflects both the administrative and leadership roles of the position. The leadership role requires science heads to focus on their own, and their colleagues’, attention to professional growth with respect to teaching and learning. In our re-imagining, we highlight three key areas: leadership, modelling exemplary practice, and the need to balance the two metaphors of organisation and community.


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