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“Science Education As A Site For Biopolitical Engagement And The Reworking Of Subjectivities: Theoretical Considerations And Possibilities For Research”

Bazzul, J. (2014). Science education as a site for biopolitical engagement and the reworking of subjectivities: Theoretical considerations and possibilities for research. In L. Bencze & S. Alsop (Eds.), Activist Science and Technology Education (pp. 37-53). Springer Netherlands.

Jesse Bazzul, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Activist Science and Technology Education, 2014, Volume 9, pp. 37-53

This chapter advocates viewing science education as a site for biopolitical struggles and the reworking of subjectivities. Such a perspective provides a framework that can unite various struggles for social justice and help educators and students intervene in the forces of what philosopher Michel Foucault calls biopower. This chapter draws from Foucauldian notions of biopolitics and subjectivity and the work of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, to provide some notes on biopolitical theory and potential applications in science education. This chapter is just one theoretical articulation of how biopolitics and biopolitical struggle can inform critical, activist work in science education. The full productive ‘value’ of biopolitical theory has yet to be realized.


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