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“Transforming Mathematics Education Through The Use Of Dynamic Mathematics Technology”

Hegedus, S. J., & Moreno-Armella, L. (Eds.) (2009). Transforming Mathematics Education through the Use of Dynamic Mathematics Technology. Special issue of ZDM: The International Journal on Mathematics Education, August 2009, Vol. 41, Issue 4.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Transformative Nature of “Dynamic” Educational Technology
S. J. Hegedus and L. Moreno-Armella

Intersecting Representation and Communication Infrastructures
S. J. Hegedus and L. Moreno-Armella

Sounds and Pictures: Dynamism and Dualism in Dynamic Geometry
N. Jackiw and N. Sinclair

Artifacts and Signs After a Vygotskian Perspective: The Role of the Teacher
M. A. Mariotti

Time for Telling Stories: Narrative Thinking with Dynamic Geometry
N. Sinclair, L. Healy and C. O. R. Sales

Potential Scenarios for Internet Use in the Mathematics Classroom
M. C. Borba

“No! He Starts Walking Backwards!”: Interpreting Motion Graphs and the Question of Space, Place and Distance
L. Radford

Dynamic Mathematics and the Blending of Knowledge Structures in the Calculus
D. O. Tall

Broadening the Sense of “Dynamic” A Microworld to Support Students’ Mathematical Generalisation
R. Noss, C. Hoyles, M. Mavrikis, E. Geraniou, S. Gutierrez-Santos and D. Pearce

Co-Action with Digital Technologies
L. Moreno-Armella and S. J. Hegedus


This issue can be viewed online through SpringerLink.

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