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Science Practitioners Engaging in and Explaining Research as Scholars (SciencePEERS)

Dr. Kristy Daniel, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Texas State University

Friday, April 19, 2019
UMass Dartmouth LARTS 106
285 Old Westport Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747

Abstract: When scientists share their research with others, whatthey intend to say is not always what is actually understood.This is especially true when using visual images. Dr. Kristy Daniel’s research explores issues that cause gaps in communication and identifies ways to build bridges facilitating methods to ensure the intended message is the same as the understood message. Her goal is to help make science accessibleto more people by creating better messengers. In this talk, Dr.Daniel will share research from her lab focusing oncommunicating science as a learning process within theframework of representational competence, how peopleinterpret and use visual diagrams to share understandings ofscience concepts.

Be warned, Dr. Kristy Daniel loves to talk nerdy! She pushes budding researchers to be thoughtful about the language and images they use to share their passions and communicate the wonders of science.

Biography: Dr. Daniel she studies how people communicate and understand complex science concepts in order to identify best practices for education. She began her formal education as a biologist identifying plants and investigating plant-insect interactions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Westminster College and a Master of Science in ecology and evolutionary biology from Iowa State University. Dr. Daniel changed research directions when chose to pursue Science Education at the University of Missouri as she worked on her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction exploring how people learned and communicated science content using visual diagrams. She accepted her first faculty position as an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Southern Mississippi immediately after graduating where she continued her science education research program as a Discipline-Based Educational Researcher while directing multiple graduate and undergraduate students. She has traveled all over the globe exploring nature, culture, and sharing her stories from science. Wanting to find a way closer to family, Dr. Daniel was thrilled to join the Texas State University community in Fall 2015. There, in addition to her growing research program and published book Towards a Framework for Representational Competence in Science Education, she also finds herself directing a study abroad program focused on field biology in Ireland and teaching courses on “Communicating Science,” “College Science Teaching,” “Everyday Biology,” and “Plants important for Wildlife.” Dr. Daniel has coached hundreds of people on how to best become messengers of science as they craft Tedx Talks, 3MT competitions, conference presentations, video tutorials, outreach activities, and research defenses.

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