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Chandra Orrill

Chandra Orrill

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Chandra Orrill’s work focuses on how teachers understand the mathematics they teach, what teachers learn in professional development, how to measure teacher knowledge, and how teacher knowledge shapes students’ learning. Her work primarily focuses on fractions and proportional reasoning.

Chandra Orrill, Ph.D. is affiliated with:

  • Kaput Center Research Scientist

Chandra Orrill, Ph.D. has been involved in the following Kaput Center projects:

  • Computational Thinking Counts in Elementary Grades
  • Advancing Middle School Teachers’ Understanding of Proportional Reasoning for Teaching
  • Proportions Playground: Dynamic World to Support Teachers’ Proportional Reasoning
  • Usable Measures of Teacher Understanding: Exploring Diagnostic Models and Topic Analysis as Tools for Assessing Proportional Reasoning for Teaching
  • Understanding Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (CAREER)
  • Does it Work
  • SimCalc Projects
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