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Title: From Symbolic Cognition to Digital Environments – a Long Term Perspective
Dr Luis Moreno-Armella
Friday 26th October 2007; 3:30-5pm


Title: Perspectives on Dynamic Geometry
Nick Jackiw
Friday 16th November 2007; 3:30-5pm


Title: Generalizations in the Early Grades: Algebraic Structures for Young Children
Dr Barbara Dougherty
Monday 10th December 2007; 4-5:30pm


Title: Foundations of Algebra in the Elementary Grades
Susan Jo Russell
Wednesday 5th March 2008; 3:30-5pm


Title: Talent Development and Social Justice: Amicable Agendas or Conflicting Constructs
Bharath Sriraman
Wednesday 2nd April 2008; 3:30-5pm


Title: Formulating Measures: A Step Toward Understanding Modeling in the K-12 Curriculum
Dr Judah Schwartz
Wednesday 7th May 2008; 3:30-5pm



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