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Title: Algebra in the Elementary Grades: Why Do We Need It and How Do We Do It?
Dr Maria L Blanton
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Wednesday 1st October 2008; 3:30-5pm


Title: A DNR Perspective on Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction
Dr Guershon Harel
University of California at San Diego
Wednesday 19th November 2008; 3:30-5pm


Title: Mathematics Teachers’ Adaptations of a Highly Novel Curriculum Based on Augmented Reality Technology
Dr Chris Dede & Rebecca Mitchell
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Wednesday 17th December 2008; 3:30-5pm


Title: Understanding of Graphs and Functions in Electrical Engineering
Dr Margret Hjalmarson
George Mason University
Wednesday 4th February 2009; 3:30-5pm


Title: How Humans Learn to Think Mathematically
Dr David Tall
University of Warwick
Thursday 2nd April 2009; 3:30-5pm


Title: Reflections, Selections, and Deflections in Conceptions of Identity in Mathematics Education Research
Dr William Penuel
SRI International
Wednesday 6th May 2009; 3:30-5pm



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