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Title: What is Stem Education?
President Jack M. Wilson
University of Massachusetts
Thursday 8th October 2009; 4:30-8pm, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center, Fall River


Title: Sensible Technology
Dr Nathalie Sinclair
Simon Fraser University
Monday 30th November 2009; 3:30-5pm


Title: Building Mathematics Learning Communities: A Focus on Looking at Student Work
Dona Apple
Consultant & Professional Development Provider
Wednesday 16th December 2009; 3:30-5pm


Title: Multiple Dimensions Involved in the Design of Teaching Learning Situations Taking Advantage of Technology: Examples in Dynamic Mathematics Technology
Dr Colette Laborde
University Joseph Fourier and IUFM of Grenoble, France
Wednesday 3rd March 2010; 3:30-5pm


Title: How Computer Games Help Teachers Assess
Dr David Williamson Shaffer
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Wednesday 7th April 2010; 3:30-5pm


Title: The Underbelly of Technological Revolution:
Sound Bites, Clich├ęs, and the Democratization of Banalities

Dr Donaldo Macedo
University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Wednesday 19th May 2010; 3:30-5pm





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