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Classroom Connectivity Project 2:
Representation, Participation and Teaching in Connected Classrooms

Principal Investigators
Stephen Hegedus, UMass Dartmouth
James Kaput, UMass Dartmouth

National Science Foundation
Award: REC-0337710

This project builds on CC1 by continuing to develop dynamic mathematical environments integrating the latest advances in wirelessly connecting hand-held devises and desktop PCs. We are investigating the impact of new activity structures arising from such development, on students’ participation, engagement and learning, in various algebra and precalculus classrooms in schools and university.

Project Aims

  • Define new forms of Participation and Engagement (P&E) using new SimCalc software with 2-3 week interventions in Connected Classrooms (CC)
  • Define instruments to study emerging forms of Participation & Engagement
  • Develop new activity structures based upon three forms of social organization and communcation infrastructure: a. Whole class (led by teacher), b. Within group, and c. Across group
  • Study student learning and impact of CC with pre-post tests, attitude survey and post-intervention interview instruments across varying abilities and districts
  • Study teaching CC capacity-growth with new pedagogical support mechanisms within the software and external mechanisms, i.e., training and structured on-line classroom video reflection systems

Future Work

  • Categorization of student interaction and participation in the classroom
  • Analyze classroom episodes using Linguistic Anthropology
  • Analysis of flow and discourse in the classroom
  • Investigation of teaching styles, teacher beliefs, questions asked in the classroom
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